Google Cloud Platform Engineering Services

Our GCP certified professional Cloud Engineers are experts at deploying secure, scalable resilient cloud infrastructure.

Urban Clouds


Secure CI/CD


Cloud Deployment

MakeCloud cloud engineers are experts at the deployment of robust, scalable, secure cloud infrastructure for your applications.

We are highly experienced with infrastructure-as-code (we love Terraform) and can
 work alongside your existing development team to accelerate product delivery with the rapid deployment of cloud infrastructure.

We have turn-key solutions for centralised logging, infastructure monitoring and application performance monitoring (APM).

DevOps & Automation

Reduce toil and eliminate time spent on manual, repetitive tasks. Typically we help with:- 

  • Build new environments

  • Dynamic code preview environments

  • Automated infrastructure changes with tools like Ansible, Puppet, Deployment Manager.

  • Monitoring and Observability tooling

  • Secure Data Platforms

Image by Solen Feyissa

Containers and Kubernetes on GCP

Adopting Kubernetes can involve a steep learning-curve. Kubernetes is not a free lunch and we feel strongly that adopting any technology should be driven by clear business objectives.

We can firstly help you answer the question, "should I adopt Kubernetes?" If the answer is yes, we can help make using Kubernetes simple, secure and scalable.


We have years of experience with Google Kubernetes  Engine (GKE) which is widely recognised as the best Kubernetes PaaS solution on the market.