Google Cloud Platform Consultancy Services

Our experienced Google Cloud Platform (GCP) consultants are experts in cloud architecture, cloud migration, strategy and transformation.

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Cloud Architecture

Getting started in the public cloud is easy. However, once the infrastructure begins to grow then complexity increases exponentially. The infrastructure can become complicated to manage and risky to change . Security controls are not in place and best-practises are not followed. Costs escalate and your cloud environment becomes technical debt.


We design, develop, and implement robust, secure, scalable, highly available infrastructure to drive business objectives. Benefit from a modern, cloud-native architecture whilst ensuring you follow best practices with our secure GCP foundation blueprints.

Migrate to Google Cloud Platform

First, MakeCloud can guide you build your cloud migration business-case. We then take you through discovery, analysis, design and implementation using our phased approach to ensure your cloud migration meets your goals.

Our GCP certified cloud migration engineers can make your cloud migration simple and cost-effective.


We can advise on hybrid, multi-cloud and transition strategies with Anthos.


DevOps Transformation

The pace of change in technology is accelerating. How can organisations keep pace with the demands of the business whilst maintaining security and application uptime?

Our experienced DevOps Transformation consultants can help you increase your software delivery capability whilst maintaining a lightweight, effective change management process.

We can help you integrate security fully into the software delivery process and provide self-service for security and compliance validation.

Cloud Strategy Consulting

Hybrid-cloud? Multi-cloud? Your ​technology needs to enable you and your business objectives.

Our Cloud Strategy consultancy process begins with an "as is" audit of your current technology and infrastructure.

We then proceed to work together to define your goals and how they could align with your technology strategy. Together, we produce a clear plan with clear objectives and tangible business benefits.

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