About MakeCloud

MakeCloud is a leading Google Cloud Platform (GCP) consultancy and Google Cloud Partner based in London, UK.

We help organisations adopt Google Cloud Platform or help address challenges with their existing GCP deployment.


We offer services around cloud architecture, cloud security, cloud engineering, DevOps and automation, containers, infrastructure-as-code and Kubernetes. Check out the services we offer.


Our Story

After a 20 year career in the field of IT infrastructure, DevOps and cloud architecture, Phil Wigg founded MakeCloud in 2020 to help organisations achieve their desired business outcomes using Google Cloud Platform.

We have already helped leading enterprise organisations in a variety of industries including media, market research, online gaming and financial services. Check out the services we offer.

How We Work

MakeCloud engineers work alongside your existing application development team to help with the early and continuous delivery of valuable software. 

A typical project may involve architecting secure, robust and resilient cloud architecture and deploying using Infrastructure-as-Code (we love Terraform). We also specialise in migrating existing applications to GCP and we can help plan and execute your cloud migration using a battle-tested phased approach.


Our Vision

Adopting any public cloud can involve a steep learning curve. Our mission is to enable our customers to benefit from our specialised skills and experience and achieve their business objectives when using Google Cloud Platform.


We can help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that organisations often face when they begin to use GCP by ensuring your implementation follows best practises right from the beginning.

Our People

MakeCloud Google Cloud Platform (GCP) consultants are “T-Shaped” and have a diverse range of skills and experience in addition to their knowledge of GCP.


However, we know that it takes more than technical skills to succeed with our customers, so we take care to ensure that our engineers are pragmatic, business-focused, receptive and approachable.

If you're interested in joining the team, please get in touch.

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