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MakeCloud is a leading GCP consultancy and Google Cloud Partner based in London.


About Us

MakeCloud is a Google Cloud Platform consultancy and managed services provider.


We help enterprise organisations deploy modern, secure, robust cloud-native infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform.

All of our consultants are Google certified so you can be sure we can be trusted to design, deploy and manage secure, scalable GCP infrastructure to meet your business objectives.

Secure data science environments on Google Cloud

Your data is your organisation's most critical asset. Are you running a data science, AI or machine learning platform on GCP?


Are you confident that services such as BigQuery, Cloud SQL, Cloud DataProc and DataFlow or AI Platform are deployed securely?

We can help ensure that your GCP infrastructure is well-architected and conforms to recommended security best-practises.


DevOps on GCP

Would you rather focus on writing code? MakeCloud engineers work alongside your existing application development team and help with any work related to cloud infrastructure, configuration management, deployment automation, containers, etc.

We are experts in infrastructure-as-code (we love Terraform), Kubernetes, CI/CD and GCP services such as Cloud Build, GKE, App Engine and Cloud Run. 

Build on secure foundations

Are you adopting Google Cloud for the first time? Make sure you build on strong foundations.

Our GCP Landing Zones are a battle-tested way to deploy your GCP projects and resources in a way that is secure, robust, scales easily and follows the recommended best-practices from Google.

Our GCP Landing Zones are built using the Cloud Foundation Toolkit from Google. All infrastructure is deployed using infrastructure-as-code (Terraform) so that it can be rebuilt at any time. All changes to the infrastructure are audited, repeatable, secure and reliable.


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